MATLAB: How to calculate the angular error

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The angular error ε is defined as the angular distance between the algorithm’s estimate of the light source (ee) and the true illuminant vector (el) in normalized
ε= Cos -1(el . ee ) this is the formula for calculation of angular error
This is the formula for calculate the angular error please give the code for that
thanking you

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Apparently you have two 3D vectors, each of unit magnitude, el and ee, and you wish to find the angle between them. One formula would be:
e = acos(dot(el,ee));
which gives e in radians. Another formula is:
e = atan2(norm(cross(el,ee)),dot(el,ee));
which also gives e in radians. Furthermore it doesn't require that el and ee have unit magnitude. It is more accurate when e is near 0 or pi where the 'acos' function suffers larger rounding errors.
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