MATLAB: How to add asmMath package (or other package) to Matlab-latex


They describe a way to add a package to the Matlab-latex interpreter.
I don't find the tex.m file that was located in previous release in the folder: MATLAB root\toolbox\matlab\graphics
What I want is to add the bold part on the line below
standardhead = [' \nofiles \documentclass{mwarticle} \usepackage{amsfonts, amsbsy, amssymb} \begin{document}']
to a function called localDecorateInputString , now I don't find the file tex.m that have this function.
and add this bold part to the function localGetTeXPath in same file as above.
texpath{1} = blah blah blah…
texpath{end} = blah blah blah…
texpath{end+1} = 'C:\amslatex\';
How to do this in R2019a?

Best Answer

There is no known way to do this in current MATLAB releases, with the exception that the Report Generator has a facility to add arbitrary latex.