MATLAB: How is MATLAB Grader Licensed


How is MATLAB Grader Licensed? Do students require a separate license? Are (student) licences for all toolboxes required that are chosen as 'Products'? Does my license include access to MATLAB Grader, or to integrate MATLAB Grader in my LMS?

Best Answer

MATLAB Grader is available at no cost for instructors that have access to a MATLAB license that is current under maintenance, including the Campus-Wide License. Students that access courses created by licensed instructors do not require a separate license. All products available on the Campus-Wide License are available within MATLAB Grader, but the specific products used in each course must be selected by the instructor at the time the course is created. MATLAB Grader can be integrated into Learning Management Systems like Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle, however this integration requires a separate license. Contact your MathWorks representative if you would like to begin the process of integrating MATLAB Grader itno your LMS. More information about MATLAB Grader licensing is available on the product page here: