MATLAB: How get values from ch

ch to cell

Hello i got this ch in workspace and i want to get the values "price" from it for plot them, how can i put in a cell?
I got this.
[{"date": "1560160129", "tid": 90322567, "price": "7727.41", "type": 0, "amount": "0.00783400"}, {"date": "1560160115", "tid": 90322553, "price": "7725.96", "type": 0, "amount": "0.08018985"}]
Thank you

Best Answer

As far as I can tell the easiest way to do what you're asking would be something like the following:
price = str2num(regexp(string,'"price": "(\d*.\d*)"','tokens'));
You may have some issues with cells being too deep, but you can pull the price information further out if needed.