MATLAB: How do i check the frequency of an element in a multi level cell array

cell arrays

The multi level cell array has 61 cells and each of these 61 elements have around 25*30 cells.

Best Answer

The following loads and concatenates all elements of your cell array, including the 1 x 2 string in result2{1,1}(7), into a single column string array called elements:
load asd
elements = vertcat(result2{:});
elements = [elements{:}].';
The next step is to get a unique list of names and the index iNames which can be used to get frequency as follows:
[NameList,~,iNames] = unique(elements,'stable');
Frequency = histcounts(iNames,numel(NameList)).';
T = table(NameList, Frequency)
The second input to the unique function is used to maintain the order of the input array, you might also like to have a look at the documentation on unique regarding the third output.
Edit: Modified unique to maintain the order and included some description of the code.