MATLAB: How can i see if the value occurs in an array for the first time

arrayfindfor loop

I have an array called loadp (50*1 double). I would like to see if the value occurs in the respective cell (loop) for the first time. If so, something should be executed. if the value has already occurred in the previous runs, the value should ignored.
for i=1:numRows;
%tmp = regexp(my_strings(i),'(?<=_l)\d+','match','once');
%loadp(i,1) = str2double(tmp)
condition=any(diff(sort(loadp(i,1))) == 0)
if condition==0
%do something
%do nothing

Best Answer

Try one of these.
condition = ~ismember(loadp(i),loadp(1:i-1));
% or
condition = find(loadp==loadp(i),1) == i;
They should both check if i is the first index in loadp which contains loadp(i). I'm not sure which is better, or if some other way would beat both.