MATLAB: How can i plot peaks


Hi, first off all i want to excuse me if a post wrong. I'm new on mathworks and i've got a big problem.I want to make a GUI in matlab with axes and i don't know how to put on graphic the values of the maximum and minimum peaks. A bit of program look like this:
What i want is to show me on the axes the maximum and minimum values for "d" whatever values i've got to put on S,t,omega etc. Hope you can help me. Thx alot and excuse me for english issues.

Best Answer

Thank you very much, but now is show me only de maximum circle...It's a start, but i want to show on the graphic the value also...Thx again!
Please acces the link to see the graphic!
and, i think, it's show's me only one of two circle(max or min), not all in same time