MATLAB: Generate random lognormal distributed numbers

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How I can generate random lognormal distribution data,on the range of [2000 2500] with the mode of 2400?I dont have the quantities of mean and standard deviation!

Best Answer

The mode of a lognormal is
where mu and sigma are the location and scale parameters. It looks like you will have an infinite number of choices available to you, to make the mode equal to 2400.
Next, you ask for the distribution over a finite range. Well, the lognormal has an infinite range. So, you could just remove values outside that range -- but then the remaining values will no longer be strictly lognormally distributed.
So, what you are asking for isn't strictly possible. You have some decisions to make. Maybe after you have made those decisions, you can use lognrnd (from the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox) to generate some random draws.