MATLAB: Finding Maximum Value of a Table/Categorical Array


Hello! I have a question I can not get past. I have a 23000×1 table (named TMAX). It is a categorical array so it is mostly numbers but where the data is missing it is filled in with 'NA'. I am simply just looking to find the maximum value in the table. I did try
but I get the error
Error using max
Invalid data type. First argument must be
numeric or logical.
I am not how to get past the NA's in there. Would even be open to switching them to NaN, whatever is simplest. Thank you in advance for the help!

Best Answer

first convert categorical to numeric array :
tmax = str2double(cellstr(tmax));
tmax(tmax == 'NA') = NaN;
convert the 'NA' into NaN.
max function by default ignores the NaN values