MATLAB: Duplicating “Save Workspace” button with command.

MATLABsave workspace variables command

I'm trying to duplicate pushing the "Save Workspace" button, setting the "Files of Type" to ".m" file. The result of this is a ".m" file that looks like:
A1 = 2.5;
B1 = 27.31;
X4 = [0.4719; 0.0013; 2.5; 3.162-5; 9.900; 2.5];
In addition a .mat file for the items that couldn't be coverted to clean ascii I guess, but I don't care about the .mat file, I only care about the .m file.
I have tried all options that seem to be documentd in the "save" function like "save('outcmd.m','-ascii','-double')", including "-ascii", "-tabs", none of them produce the same output. I'm guessing "save" maybe isn't the correct function, or there is a hidden argument.
Can you provide the correct command to duplicate the output above?

Best Answer'filename.m')