MATLAB: Creating a array filled with variable values

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Basically, I am trying to create an array that takes in the values generated by a function and place them in a predetermined size array.
j = j:1:(n-1);
bj = b0 + j*h;
I would like an array that has the size of 2xn. Meaning I would like it to have two columns and as many rows as the user inputs. My goal is to create an array that would look something like this;
bj = [1,2;3,4;5,6]
This would be useful to me because I plan on dividing all the values in one column by a value and the values in the other column by a different value, and then summing them both together.
I don't know if this came across as confusing but I essentially just want an array with 2 columns and a user specified number of rows to be filled up with values I generate in a loop.

Best Answer

bj = reshape(1:6,2,[])'
Let the user enter an even number 'n', you can frame your required matrix using:
bj = reshape(1:n,2,[])'