MATLAB: Converting Simscape DC Voltage Source to Simulink

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My team and I are researching different tools to use for modeling and simulation. I am working on a small model to showcase what Mathworks has to offer. I've ran into a problem with trying to convert the DC Voltage Source from Simscape into Simulink using the PS-Simulink Converter. After some quick research the converter should be the answer I'm looking for, but it is not letting me connect the source to the converter. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

Best Answer

Mitchell, thanks for the screenshot.
If I understand you correctly, you're trying to use Simscape foundation library. The best way to "convert" simscape to simulink is to measure the voltage/current source using the appropriate sensor, followed by a PS to Simulink converter and then sending this signal to your stateflow chart.
Please see the attached model.