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Greetings, all
I have found a powerful yet compact Fortran code which I am trying to reprogram into MATLAB. Unfortunately, I have now hit a point where I need some help with the logic. The algorithms are easy enough to convert, so I'm not going to show them (unless you really want me to).
My problem is converting the Fortran "GOTO" logic into MATLAB. I have decided to study the sequence in which things happen, and from this created a map of triggers (e.g. if…goto 23 (else) goto 13) and I need to design my loops and functions around these. Some are simple enough (those in the green frames), but one of them (red frame) really has me baffled…
The nested loop between 15 and 19 is just three "for" loops, which are easily coded but less easily illustrated here. They are terminated by 16, 17 and 18 repectively.
From 28 on the calculations are done and some sequential post-processing takes place.
Thanks in advance

Best Answer

Use "continue" to resume back at point #13. Continue ends the current iteration of the enclosing loop and starts the next iteration.
Matters would be slightly more complicated if you needed to break out of the nested loops and go back to #13, but you do not need to do that so don't worry about it ;-)
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