MATLAB: Can I communicate with a dSPACE DS1104 board using Real-Time Windows Target 4.0 or xPC Target 5.2 (R2012a)

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I have been working with dSPACE products using a DS1104 R&D Controller Board. Unfortunately, the Simulink model I am downloading to this board requires more computational power than this board has.
I was looking to perform some of the computation on my host computer using Simulink, and then send and receive data from the DS1104 board with either Real-Time Windows Target 4.0 or xPC Target 5.2 (R2012a).
Is this possible?

Best Answer

dSPACE boards are currently not supported in Real-Time Windows Target 4.0 and xPC Target 5.2 (R2012a).
As a workaround, you may do either of the following:
1. Continue to use dSPACE products to build entire models onto the board.
2. Write custom I/O drivers to interface with Real-Time Windows Target or xPC Target products. Documentation on these approaches can be found here:
xPC Target:
Real-Time Windows Target: