MATLAB: Combine two rows of data into a single matrix.

matrixmatrix manipulation

After solving two different equations, I get a 1×7 matrix for the answer to Clt and a 1×7 matrix for the answer to THM. I need to merge the two into a 2×7 matrix with both data sets. Here is my code:
% Set initial paramters.
t=[68.92 109.97 287.22 116.95 171.89 90.3 103.54];
Nt = length(t);
Clt = zeros(1,Nt);
THM = zeros(1, Nt);
result = zeros(2, Nt);
% Solve for Chlorine residual.
for i = 1:Nt
Clt(i) = [Cl_initial*(1-R)/(1-R*exp(-u*t(i)))];
% Solve for THM formation.
NClt = length(Clt);
for j = 1:NClt
THM(j) = T*(Cl_initial-Clt(j));
Any help would be appreciated.

Best Answer

I found the following solution:
result = [Clt; THM];
Let me know if there is a better way.