MATLAB: Coder.ceval for printf from stdio.h

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Hello, everybody! I'd like to generate C code from an m-file which makes use of MATLAB fprintf function as follows:
fprintf('Time level %-*.*f [s], Iterations: %d\n',field_width,precision,time,iter);
Since fprintf is not supported for the code generation, nor can I use coder.extrinsic method, I turn to a question:
How to rewrite the command using coder.ceval method and the standard C library function printf? To be more specific, what should the arguments be like in coder.ceval('printf', arguments); ?
While not using field_width and precision, C code generated from the following one executes without a problem:
s1=['%s%f%s%d' 10 0];
s2=['Time level ' 0];
s3=['[s], Iterations: ' 0];
However, including the asterisks and left-justify options cause segmentation fault whenever the generated C code is compiled, built and run. Any help is appreciated!

Best Answer

This example worked for me:
function simple_printf
s1=['%s%-*.*f%s%d' 10 0];
s2=['Time level ' 0];
s3=['[s], Iterations: ' 0];
iter = 32;
time = 2.5;
Is your code different?