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chroma keyscatter3

Hi All
I am roughing out the code for a basic keyer which will eventually go into Nuke. At the moment I have separated an image into the three channels. What I now want to do is to place the data into a 3d scatter plot before I can go further.
When I try to do this I am getting an error saying that the vector lengths are not the same.
here are the three variables containing the RGB data.
r 389x512 1593344 double
g 389x512 1593344 double
b 389x512 1593344 double
All values within are normalised between 0 and 1.
As you can see they are equal in size, but no joy with scatter3.
Any help with this would be ultra cool.
Thank you in advance

Best Answer

The inputs to scatter3 need to be vectors, not matrices. Try this: