MATLAB: Can’t connect blocks in simulink

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I made an RC, RL, CR, LR and couple of RLC circuits in simulink with ac voltage source which by default generates a sinusoidal wave as an input and they are connected to the scope as an output so i can see the behaviour of the signal. My next task is to simulate the work of these filters by having a different signal shape like sawtooth or square wave. When i try to drag&drop some sawtooth or square wave generator and connect it with the rest of the circuit i get red dashed line which means that i cannot connect it to my circuit.
Please someone help me solve this problem, it is a bit urgent.
Thank you!

Best Answer

The block you are trying to connect produces a Signal as an output. You need to use a Controlled Voltage Source and provide the Signal Generator block to the signal input port of the Controlled Voltage Source.
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