MATLAB: Calculating average and standard deviation for element correction factor from excel file

importing excel datameanstandard deviation

I'm importing data from an excel file. I need to take the average of every of every serial number, then calculate the standard deviation percentage of every serial number. Any ideas how i could do that? Thank you

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Hello, this should do nicely;
% Assuming your spreadsheet file is in the current (working) Matlab folder
optns=detectImportOptions('file.xlsx'); % replace the input "file.xlsx" here with the name of your file and extension
% Set variables to import from your file and import as table
T=readtable('file.xlsx',optns); % replace "file.xlsx" with the name of your file
% Determine unique serial numbers and corresponding indices
% The unique serial numbers are stored in "C".
% Compute the mean for each unique serial number
% Compute the standard deviation for each unique serial number
% To calculate the percentage standard deviation or relative deviation, you
% multiply each standard deviation by 100, and divide it by its
% corresponding mean value in array; "avg".
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