MATLAB: Appending dataset of varying length

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I have a collection of monthly 1 minute averaged data files that I would like to import, append, and process. I would like to handle the data in Matlab using a dataset array:
wind = dataset('file','Halkirk1_12_2010_average1min.csv','delimiter',',','format',['%s' repmat(' %f',1,72)]);
Due to the nature of the files, they are varying lengths so vertcat does not work. I will use datevec to pick up the next file to append. Is there a function or method that will append two datasets of varying lengths? Any tips or thoughts would be appreciated.

Best Answer

The number of rows is not a problem:
A = dataset({rand(10,1),'col1'});
B = dataset({rand(20,1),'col1'});
C = [A;B]
If you have an error, report the full error msg.