MATLAB: Allow debugging hotkeys (F10, F11, shift-F11,F5, and F12) to work from the MATLAB Command Window.


It would be really convenient if the debugging hotkeys (F10, F11, shift-F11, F5, and F12) worked from the MATLAB Command Window as well as from the MATLAB Editor Window. A lot of times I find myself doing more debugging from the Command Window than the editor because I need to examine complex structs and cell arrays as I single step. It would be much more convenient to press F10 than type 'dbstep' every time. Even up-arrow < return >  is a bit tedious because it requires two key strokes and of course requires that the last command executed by the one you are interested in.

Best Answer

This enhancement has been made for Release 14 (R14). For previous product releases, there are no workarounds.