[Math] this question about? Is it a standard form question???


I really dont understand these questions..

$x=9 \times 10^{2m}$ where $m$ is an integer.
Find in standard form, an expression for $\sqrt{x}$
$y=9 \times 10^{2n}$ where $n$ is an integer
Find in standard form an expression for $y^{2/3}$
Give your answer as simply as possible.

Best Answer

To help you better understand the questions:

Assuming $x = 9\cdot 10^{2m}, y = 9\cdot 10^{2n},$ and the second question is to express $y^{2/3}$ given $y$, then you are being asked to express

$(1)\quad \sqrt x = \sqrt{9\cdot 10^{2m}},\;$

$(2) \quad y^{2/3} = (9\cdot 10^{2n})^{2/3}= \sqrt[\large 3]{(9\cdot 10^{2n})^2}$

in standard, simplified form.